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Simply Biscotti Project

I have left full-time work behind and find (as much as you can know in the first 30 days) that you bring much of what you did in the workplace into the other parts of your life.  It only makes … Continue reading

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We all age at the same rate

On the subject of maturity Many many years ago I recall saying, well perhaps whining, to my wise aunt that I was getting old. The way I put it, it must have sounded as if I was the only person … Continue reading

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Coincidences-what are the chances

Recently I attended a class give by a man who has a Master Gardener designation. It was held in the south central part of the city-there were about 50 people in the audience. Three nights later I went a fundraiser … Continue reading

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What did I learn during my career

As I prepared to leave an almost 40 year career recently, I thought about what I had learned. I learned things through trial and error and from seeing things common things in uncommon areas. It’s my lens on a bit … Continue reading

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My ideas and your eyes

Beyond full-time work: There’s something about knowing your time is much more your own that is just the most fertile ground for growing possibilities and opportunities! MY IDEAS: You think, I could do this or that or maybe this and … Continue reading

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Green thumb

At short notice I attended a seminar by a Master Gardener last night. It was titled “Planning Your Garden”. An unnamed member of my family said “What’s to know? Short plants in the front, tall plants in the back.”  Such … Continue reading

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Thank you to work colleagues cartoon

Instead of 150 thank you notes, I thought a cartoon response might be a start as a small way to express my gratitude for a wonderful farewell celebration.  It’s not all that hard to do…but just as it must be in … Continue reading

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