The Pioneer Blog!

April Fools -I’m done working!

A quick introduction-indeed my name is Barb Shea and I have been known to tell a true story, on occasion.  Yesterday, March 31st, 2011 was my last day at work after a pretty lengthy and very satisfying career.  My wonderful colleagues at work held a send off party for me and it was party to end all parties!  I think I’ll need weeks to process the well wishes and kind remarks and to remember all the thank you’s I need to send.  I couldn’t have asked for a better time to spend with friends and colleagues.  If I’d had known it would be that much fun I would have left years ago!

And so to the blog-it was one of the gifts!  It was set up and titled and ready to go and launched yesterday-by my colleagues-they put on the initial content.  I tell you this to help explain my biography-which isn’t entirely factual-and the cartoon-which was authored by two witty co-workers.  Witty but not too wise in the ways of gopher hunting-they have my cartoon character asking about buying a shotgun-you don’t shoot gophers with a shotgun! At least asking for 22 calibre rifle would have added some credibility.

I was given a t-shirt with my picture and url on it.

So thanks to Chris and Tarry for getting me started.  You may live to regret what you’ve unleashed! My blog will follow my life beyond full time work and any stories that show up along the way.  The stories may be true or otherwise.

It’s exciting to think about what this next chapter in my life will hold.  I’ve many interests and great family and friends-who could ask for anything more.  It’s important always though to have goals and even on day one ‘beyond work’ I have at least one goal.  To regularly visit the independently owned coffee shop Simply Biscotti (the cartoon makes reference to it) in Ottawa, ON.  They have this lovely dessert counter-all made onsite.  I plan to systematically eat my way through that counter and blog about it as I go.  My knowledge of blogging and my waistline should grow together.

3 thoughts on “The Pioneer Blog!

  1. Congradulations Barb,
    Gosh what a start to a new week. Might be like the tooth brush isle… After Biscotti’s in the morning that is.
    I think I might have to treat my business as my retirement, which I suppose could be possible with the right plan and the right people.
    Jeremy, M and kids were all here last week for 4 days, it was great to have them all. I had just been to NZ the week before so they kind of followed me over. Had been planning a holiday here since Christmas.
    I have just submitted an application to work towards a Diploma in Agriculture. I think I might go searching the world for rare wild varieties of week when I get a bit of time.
    Keep healthy and wise.
    Out of Oz

  2. Forgot to mention, I bet there were no other gopher hunters amongst that entire lot in Ontario? Gosh those were the days but than there is still lots of room for more gopher hunters on Billy’s and Rosewood school. Dad barely keeps up to the ever blosoming population there and could always use another true eye.

  3. I just saw the cartoon! I love it! My favourite line was “When everybody drinks, everybody wins.”

    And the blog looks great, by the way. Picture at the top makes me giggle ’cause if the kitten in the corner.

    Happy blogging!

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