My ideas and your eyes

Beyond full-time work: There’s something about knowing your time is much more your own that is just the most fertile ground for growing possibilities and opportunities!


You think, I could do this or that or maybe this and that and something else too!

  • Class 1A driver’s license….why not?  During an appointment last week I was asked about my plans for the next chapter and I said perhaps driving big trucks.  Well, I learned there’s all sorts of openings in Nova Scotia-doing short hauls across the border.  That might work since short drives, rather than the ones where I get sleepy and have to pull over for a nap, sound like a better fit.
  • Re-decorating-all those things we could do-painting, repairing, refurbishing.  It’s never-ending.
  • Then there’s said garden plot-just rented for the season.
  • And golf.
  • And cycling.
  • And accordion lessons.  Ah the much maligned accordion.  It’s the only instrument I learned to play.  Well, that might be an overstatement.  It’s the only time I took music lessons.  I would like to try my hand at it again.  A loved one recently smiled and said “Do you know the difference between an accordion and an onion?  No one cries when they cut up an accordion”.
  • And Simply Biscotti runs….well this skims the surface of possibilities!  Speaking of Simply Biscotti the inaugural ‘beyond work Simply Biscotti eat your way through the dessert counter’ visit happened last week.  It was a beautiful day and I was joined by a friend.  The little coffee shop was full-we lingered over the dessert counter asking about this treat and that treat.  What type of filling, how sweet is it and so on.  And so the first choice was:

Fruit Tart-a cookie crust-the edges dipped in dark chocolate.  There was a custard filling topped with fresh berries and finished with a nicely flavoured glaze.  It’s not a really sweet dessert-very nice on a warm afternoon.  As far as calories, the total count is known but the subtitle is ” well I didn’t bike or walk a great deal today so let’s find dessert with fresh fruit in it”.  I’d order it again-but not till I’ve tried everything else.


There’s a noticeable connection between my ideas and my spouse’s eyes.  I am sure upon his next eye exam the optometrist will ask if he’s suffering eye strain-perhaps he’s been straining to look up too often.  No, my spouse will say, it’s from looking to the heavens and rolling my eyes so very often when my wife come up with another IDEA!

2 thoughts on “My ideas and your eyes

  1. Hi Barb,
    It looks like you’re doing a fine job of filling your time. I’m looking forward to weekly(?) updates on your visits to Simply Biscotti. By the way, for future reference, anything with fresh fruit or raw vegetables is considered zero calories. 🙂

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