Simply Biscotti Project

I have left full-time work behind and find (as much as you can know in the first 30 days) that you bring much of what you did in the workplace into the other parts of your life.  It only makes sense I suppose.  One area is that of projects.  There are projects in work life and projects beyond full-time work.  One of my (many) projects is tasting , well completely eating, my way through the dessert counter at Simply Biscotti on Preston St. in Little Italy, Ottawa.   It’s not that I hadn’t indulged a bit before I left work but really if this is going to be a clean project and it follows some semblance of project management principles then I should really start all over again…from scratch-just like the baking at Simply Biscotti.

And as in any well run project, there should be a project charter, the resources need to be assigned, dependencies assigned and documented and a Gantt chart populated (forget it-I’m not going there) and timeframes assigned.  At the end of the project (it’s highly likely this may be an ongoing project with no clearly defined endpoint) there will be a celebration to mark the great efforts by the entire team and we will absolutely conduct a Lessons Learned with all those who have been part of the project.  Truth be known it’s a pretty straight forward project.   Find the time, call a friend, head over to Simply Biscotti, enjoy a treat, blog about it. If there are no family or friends available, I am committed to going it alone. To keep the calorie intake and expenditure a zero sum game, there is the good intention to walk or cycle to and from the bistro.  I am sure I can figure out some visual tracking-a graph or something-that estimates calorie intake again expenditure-perhaps that’s not a good idea.

My second Simply Biscotti project visit occurred this week and there were two coincidences at the same time.  I heard about the patron just in front of me who, after tasting one of the treats, said she would like to eat one of everything in the counter.  While chatting with Rosa, the owner, I mentioned the YouTube  video of her bistro that I had come upon.  She said the woman sitting at the table next to me was one of the creators.  All I can say is with this sort of following I may have to quit talking about the place if I hope to find a table at any point in time!  Good thing there’s a patio set up now for the warmer times ahead.

This week’s delectable:  ricotta cheesecake. Ingredients included ricotta cheese, custard, candied orange, orange water inside a shortbread crust.  The candied orange added a surprise to each mouthful.  It’s a great treat for those who want delicious but not too sweet.  Mmmmm good.  Recommendation: if I was going to do this again I would have had them cut it in two and taken half of it home to savour later.  Maybe it’s just me, but once I start on something so good, it’s tough to stop half way.  I’m thinking I may start to take a little container with me for just such occasions-eliminate a take out container and string out the enjoyment-what’s wrong with that?

If you decide to go to Simply Biscotti.  Tell them Barb sent you and you saw it on the blog. Rosa said she’d like to know.

3 thoughts on “Simply Biscotti Project

  1. I cannot help but feel a bit of pride on behalf of all those in your previous life who forced/encouraged you to plan and manage projects 🙂 You have learned well grasshopper!

    1. Indeed I owe you a debt of gratitude. Deliverables, deliverables, deliverables! Of course you always knew project management was the key to life! I came to the table late.

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