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Simply Biscotti, on being part of a race and gardening fashion

Simply Biscotti There is an old saying and it goes like this-a picture is worth a thousand words.  So here’s a picture of last Friday, mid- morning, when one is beyond full-time work.  This is a glimpse of the ‘next … Continue reading

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Score: Mother Nature 10 or more, Man 1.5

There are many reports of disasters in the news these days-nationally and internationally-flash wildfires, tornadoes and floods.  People have lost their homes, been injured and there have been deaths.  Knowing these facts puts one’s little predicaments in perspective….let’s just call … Continue reading

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Gardening plot unplugged

It’s been a wet and cool spring.  Here it is the long weekend and our new-to-us community garden plot lies un-plowed and un-seeded.  It looks like someone took some care of the plot in the past-there’s a row of mystery … Continue reading

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Green Thumb -Chapter Two

Gardener’s weakness-gardening eyes bigger than gardening stomach My community garden plot partner and I had to exercise some restraint.  She is much more the gardener than I am.  Particularly vegetable gardening.  The last big garden I worked in was on … Continue reading

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Scotch and chocolate

Recently we attended a scotch tasting hosted by the local chapter of the Opimian Society. The Society is a non-profit wine purchasing cooperative. We belonged to the Society a looooong time ago back on the prairies when chapters were first starting up … Continue reading

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Simply Biscotti

I made a run to Simply Biscotti today.  I met a friend and we both enjoyed an afternoon visit and treat.  We had a little chat with Rosa, the owner. I won’t get high marks for my photography this time. … Continue reading

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Barb’s Best-Boston style

We took a road trip to Boston, Mass. last fall.  Nice place, that Boston.  We enjoyed many of the sights and walked around a great deal.  On the first evening we were strolling along a side street, not far from … Continue reading

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