Simply Biscotti, on being part of a race and gardening fashion

Simply Biscotti

There is an old saying and it goes like this-a picture is worth a thousand words.  So here’s a picture of last Friday, mid- morning, when one is beyond full-time work.  This is a glimpse of the ‘next chapter’

An almond shortbread cookie from Simply Biscotti.  It is two cookies sandwiched with almond paste and topped with icing sugar.  It’s dense and rich and large enough to eat half now and half later.  It may not be true morning fair but there’s a reason I went for an early-in-the-day delectable.  I was signed up for the 10 km walk the next day and my walking partner said we had to load up on carbs.  Cookies have carbs, right?  The friend I was walking with has also trained for the West Coast Trail and I think she was very kind to do a little walk with me compared to the arduous trekking of which she is capable.  

I have hardly made a dent in the dessert counter at Simply Biscotti.  And I have yet to have a biscotti…so many good things yet to eat.

On being part of a race

And we did walk in the Ottawa Race Weekend 10 km race the next day.  We were in the group at the back of the pack.  There is lots of excitement in the air.  Downtown is crowded with people.  I arrived early and decided to have a large coffee to kill some time.  We found our place along with thousands of participants and off we went.  This year the course included running or walking through Chinatown and Little Italy.  Did I say I drank a large coffee before leaving?  I was watching for porta-potties.  None to be found.  Somewhere in small print it might have said something about washrooms or about not drinking a large coffee just before you walk.  As we walked through Little Italy and up to Simply Biscotti, I made my second stop of the week.  This stop could have been called more of a pit stop.  We got some cute comments from spectators as we entered and left the building.  We did finish the race-came in 499th-not sure but I think it might be out of 5oo.

Gardening fashion

Our community garden plot is STILL too wet to till but we are hoping this week will change all that.  Our yard at home on the other hand is much different and with our warm weather the past few days it was time to plant, dig up and move and re-plant today.  I went out early to beat the heat.  When I came back into the house my spouse commented on my fashion sense when gardening.  I hadn’t really thought about it…it’s one of those things that just comes together (or not) : orange top, navy shorts, Lee Valley Gardening apron with various tools inserted into pockets, powder blue gardening gloves that go up to the elbow, runners with socks and a red and black International Harvester hat.  Since said spouse was being picked up by a friend later in the morning, I asked if should make myself scarce rather than expose him to the fashion debacle.  “Not necessary” came the reply “I’ll text him and tell him to wear two eye patches”.

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