Simply Biscotti and Next Chapters

I met a friend at Simply Biscotti recently.  We “shared”.  Shared the experience of ordering the same Simply Biscotti cookie; shared some experiences of life beyond full-time work.  We have both recently moved on and are enjoying what comes next.

We hemmed and hawed and looked at various things in the dessert counter before both settling on a nutella and peanut butter cookie.  Interesting how we choose these things.  We must have asked about the ingredients in at least 5 delectables but it was when we asked “and what’s in that cookie” that we were sold on the choice.  It may have been how woman who was serving us lit up as she said “that’s my favourite!”.  And maybe somewhere deep inside we thought it sounded like a healthy choice.

The cookie was tasty-it had some tiny crunchy bits-not too sure what they were-perhaps bits of peanuts.  If Rosa, the owner, looks at this blog she may just comment and let us know.  The cookie was enjoyable although it took second place to the conversation.  Well, maybe it was just a seamless part of the conversation and we consumed the snack while enjoying hearing what we’ve each been up to in our lives beyond full-time work.

Fair to say, it’s still full-time.  Life is always full-time.  The time now is filled with  a new mix of experiences.  Active living that can be given more time each day-hikes to be had, bikes to ride, gardening joys and woes, time spent with friends and family.  And then there’s some volunteer and paid work utilizing a career’s worth of experience and understanding.  Trying things that have been on one’s personal list and guess what-there is now the latitude and luxury to give it a go.  Wonderful things like a nutella and peanut butter cookie at Simply Biscotti mid-afternoon on a  weekday.

3 thoughts on “Simply Biscotti and Next Chapters

      1. The picture does not allow a size estimate. It could be anywhere from 3″ across to something the size of a sun dried cow flap (which in a way, it sort of resembles … that should help your consumption rate).

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