A July afternoon.. from the other side of the desk….

How great is this?

I do hope to maintain, for a long time, the sense of winning a lottery when it comes to having more time to do whatever comes next.  With three plus months now between me and full-time work, I remain surprised by the world that goes on beyond the day to day office atmosphere.  Who are all these other people?  There are so many of them out and about during the day.  Don’t they have jobs?  And why are they on the golf course so early in the morning…they should hold off on their tee time until my playing partners and I are well down the course.  

The best laid plans of mice and men….Simply Biscotti Project off track

I had visions of eating my way through the dessert counter at Simply Biscotti, a local bistro in Ottawa, by visiting weekly and knocking off a new dessert every week.  Not so.  It seems that with one thing and another-gardening, golfing, a little contract work, cycling, lovely social gatherings, visits with friends and such-weekly visits have not been the order of the day..or order of the week in this case.  Well, really, what does it matter that the initial project plan is off a bit.  It would appear I am over committed-or whatever that term is in project management.   It means that the Simply Biscotti project will last longer.    More time to savour and to enjoy.  Recently a friend and I met and I tried a new addition to the treats, a Red Velvet cupcake.

They seem to be all the rage, these things.   I am ok with them overall-the icing makes the whole thing in my mind.  With this one, the cupcake was light and the cream cheese icing delicious.  The icing made the creation top heavy and after a few bites, the whole thing toppled over and onto the table!  The three second rule was called and the dessert eaten.  

July afternoon transportation

In attempt to manage the equation of calories taken in and calories burned, a bike ride to and from eating a cupcake makes some sense.  On a July afternoon then you can take along a book and stop along the way to read “WordPress for Dummies” with the hopes that you will learn some new thing about blogging.  How great does this look….serene, I’d say.

And there you have it

And so that’s one July afternoon-from the other side of the desk.  Oh, wait.  There is no desk!  

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