Simply Biscotti- a twofor

I am way off my planned weekly visit to Simply Biscotti (SB).  It has been about a month since the last visit.  Perhaps fall and winter will be better for the regular enjoyment of coffee and treats…just the seasons when the level of exercise can drop off too (must make a mental note to buy pants with elasticized waist).  My friend and I enjoyed a lovely weekday morning cycle this week and we stopped at SB for a refreshment and treat.  And just as I have introduced other people to Rosa’s establishment, my friend said ” I didn’t know this was here.  I’ll be back!”.  

We enjoyed a chai tea latte, a coffee latte, a v-shaped sweet pastry and a cayenne pepper biscotti.  My friend had the biscotti and said it was very nice.  Ah…the good life.  The picture isn’t the best.  If you want to have a real appreciation for the place and its fair, you’ll need to journey to Little Italy in Ottawa.

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