Simply Biscotti-September long weekend treat-the project continues

We finally made it to the Caravaggio Exhibition at the National Gallery in Ottawa this afternoon.  We were not alone.  Many others were heeding the information the exhibition is only with us for another week.  I am no art aficionado and so won’t even try to make a comment.  The linked article gives the history and the significance of Caravaggio’s art and tells you a bit about the man as well.

You can work up an appetite walking 400 meters in an art gallery.  A trip to Simply Biscotti  for my spouse and me was the ticket.  Simply Biscotti was busy too.  All those people stopping in after their visit to the National Gallery.

It was a hot and humid afternoon and an iced coffee with a splash of hazelnut flavoring and a touch of cream makes for a great drink on a hot day.  A chocolate mousse in a cake cup looked like a great match for the drink.

The mousse had an almost mocha like taste.  It was topped with real whipped cream and shaved chocolate.  It was a nice size-not too big and not too small.  The mousse was encapsulated in a fancy looking, possibly prefabricated cup of sponge cake.  In my experience the fancy things like this look better than they really taste.  I’d rather have a from-scratch exterior.  To quote a friend “I’m just saying.”  That said, I left nothing on the plate.

2 thoughts on “Simply Biscotti-September long weekend treat-the project continues

  1. Finally caught up on your blog and Bronwyn’s today. Growing root vegetables in clay is a difficult task. Can you work in some sand and fine gravel next year or will that just make concrete?
    The coffee and dessert look wonderful.

    1. I think we had concrete this year! We plan to bring in new soil next year and make sure it is nicely “amended”. That’s my favourite new word that people use in relation to their garden soil. You say things like “we have amended our soil and things are growing really well this year” and then you hope to fit in with other gardeners. Looks like Tanya has great soil for growing all things. She must be a master “amender”.

      If I could, I’d ship you a coffee and dessert but I just don’t think they’d make the trip..

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