Friday Food- Dolsot Bi Bim Bab

We just returned from a road trip to Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Ohio and into Kentucky.  I thought I’d write a few accounts of the sights and experiences.  Here’s the first:

Dolsot Bi Bim Bab

is a rice dish mixed with seven kinds of vegetables, chicken and topped with egg and served with spicy sauce on the side.  It’s heated in a stone bowl and, boy oh boy, is that bowl hot when it gets to your table!  It results in crispy rice as part of the flavour.  There is a cooked egg on top and the server mixes the egg in and adds spicy sauce according to your desired spiciness-mild, medium or hot.  Mild for me, please.   It makes a very tasty meal.  An Asian beer would have been a nice accompaniment for this dish.

We hadn’t eaten much Korean food before but really enjoyed this meal.  If you’d like this dish, try the Korean Riverside Restaurant on Madison Street in Covington, Kentucky.  The neighbourhood is not what one would call beautiful but the food and the service were both really enjoyable.  

Have you eaten much Korean food and if so, do you have a favourite Korean dish?  

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