A Blog Topic Can Keep You Current-Even If You Aren’t Interested

Background: When you have a blog you can see some of the ways people find your site.  They may google a certain topic-for example, “scotch and chocolate” and since there’s a blog about that subject on my blog they may click on my site.  I understand how that can happen.  Some searches though come in through a bit of a tangent and one search that started to appear recently was about Canadian rock and guitar/singer/songwriter legend Randy Bachman.  He spoke at the Ottawa International Writers Festival this fall about his new book “Randy Bachman’s Vinyl Stories”.  

Gossip Search:  I noticed searches over the last while that were not about plain ol’ Randy Bachman or about his book but they ran along the lines of “Is Randy Bachman separated?” or “Who is Randy Bachman dating?”.  What is this, I thought.  I have no business in Mr. Bachman’s personal life, nor am I particularly interested.  However  just as once in a while one might peek at that gossip magazine when in the line up at the local grocery store, I found myself wondering what was up.  If I find that this blog leads me to the equivalent of reading gossip magazines, then it’s time to call it a day on the whole thing.  

I’m sure you aren’t interested-you don’t look at tabloids, or read articles about the lives of people in the public eye.  Just to keep you up to date though the question about Randy Bachman’s marital status seems to have an answer.  And if you click on the link, I’ll know someone is interested.  You can run, but you can’t hide.  


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