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Snow Plow Happiness

Weather Report: We have had some very unpleasant weather this winter.  It’s not that it’s been bitterly cold or there’ve been great dumps of snow.  It is the warm weather that brings us freezing rain and ice pellets then freezing … Continue reading

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Useless or Silly Things-No. 1-Sudoku Solutions

Every once in a while I come upon something that makes me scratch my head.  This observation is about Sudoku puzzles. Wikipedia tells us the term Sudoku is not be confused with Sodoku, a bacterial zoonotic disease. Who knew?  I guess this is helpful … Continue reading

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Improve Happiness by Shopping for Dairy Products

The Book Backed By Research Not long ago I read the book “The How Of Happiness” by Sonja Lyubomirski.  It was a good read.  From the official website for the book: “The How of Happiness offers a new and potentially life-changing … Continue reading

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2011 Blog Stats

Happy New Year one and all!  Time to pull out the pants with the elasticized waist bands and to consider the purchase of an elliptical trainer or a long-term gym membership.   WordPress sent me an “annual report” for the … Continue reading

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