A (Perverse) Benefit of Life Beyond Full-Time Work

This is a true story:

  • When one is beyond full-time, flat-out office work, you may partake in a more lingering lunch with friends….during the week.
  • You may slip and fall on your rear but you can go home without feeling guilty about work undone at the office
  • And find the ice pack and situate it on affected parts (difficult to do that in a team meeting)
  • And read about how to treat a bruise-take that ibuprofen
  • But then it says it’s best to elevate bruised area above heart level-and that would be difficult in this instance, no matter where you are-office or home.  Please don’t ask for the pictures on this one.

3 thoughts on “A (Perverse) Benefit of Life Beyond Full-Time Work

  1. Sounds like a three bottle of wine lunch…
    You will be sleeping like a baby – knees under your tummy and butt in the air. The visual is quite enough to make me laugh. Never mind the pictures. Unless you insist.

    1. Scout’s honour-there was nary a sip of wine at lunch. There were winter boots that were warming up and obviously had some residual snow stuck to them and a smooth ceramic floor. I will not be sending pictures but always appreciate your insights.

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