Splinters, an Odd Name and Missing Papers

The Theory

It’s a marvel.  How events in one portion of life seem to repeat in another form at another time and place.  But the premise is the same.  This true story is about how things work to the surface.  (I know mostly and I hope particularly)


Our mother loved us dearly.   She also wanted to make sure we grew up independent and not coddled.  We learned a great deal from her sayings.  We heard the sayings over and over again.  One of those sayings was “it’ll get better before you get married”.   An example would be a sliver or splinter in your finger that wouldn’t emerge immediately.  She’d say that if we left it for a while your body would naturally start to work in the area and expel that nasty splinter.  And it worked.  Wonderful mechanics inside our bodies.  Left alone, it worked to the surface.

An Odd Name

I once wanted to re-connect with a man I had heard speak several years before.  I thought he could assist greatly with a project at work.  Couldn’t remember his name.  I asked others who had been at the same presentation where he spoke.  They remembered him and the presentation but couldn’t recall his name.  I googled this and that and emailed here and there-nada.  I knew it was an unusual name but that’s as far as it went.  The nagging question was embedded somewhere in my brain-I picture some very disorganized files up there in that grey matter.  There’s little file structure, hyperlinks sometimes work, sometimes not, in my brain.  File formats are a combination of handwritten, typed, .doc and .docx, jpeg’s and magazine articles.  I am approaching an age where some youth might think the original files are chiselled on slate.  

One day many months after giving up on that mysterious odd name I was meeting a friend for lunch.  Arriving early, I opened the menu to browse and upon seeing a special for filet of sole, out of my poorly organized brain popped the man’s name!  Eli Sopow!  Now where was that and how did it get up to the surface when looking at a restaurant menu?   Left alone, it worked to the surface.

Missing Papers

Yesterday I looked for 5  papers that I have been going to process for some time.  Yesterday was the day I was getting around to it,  finally. They are each single pieces of paper-they have surfaced in a number of times recently.  They were never far away.  They were held together by a paper clip.  Or maybe I moved them to an envelope.  Whatever occurred, I cannot find them.  How does that happen?  Then you wonder, did I mindlessly throw them out or shred them?  Are they hiding with the wooden toothpicks (now missing for several weeks).  Left alone, I trust they will work to the surface.  Please tell me they will.  

Any and all advice on becoming organized will be most welcome.

5 thoughts on “Splinters, an Odd Name and Missing Papers

  1. I should introduce you to my sister. Evelyn could help you get organized. Bwahahahahaha.

    The splinter thing sure works. Bron took a tumble down the hills at Sask Landing through a bed of cacti and rocks. It didn’t kill her but she was picking needles out of her carcass for years after.

      1. You will let us know if the documents surface?
        I have put more things “in a safe place so I won’t lose them” than I care to recall. Some are still safely wherever.

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