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Anything But Syndrome (ABS)

Background Mankind is bent on discovering and labelling its activities and observations.  Take the weather-and all the terms you hear now that you never used to hear.  They aren’t necessarily easy to understand-a plain language course for some people who … Continue reading

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The Ocean Was Noisy, The Alligator Was Not

We just returned from a very pleasant road trip to Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina.  We traveled with friends to visit friends.  A delightful getaway, it was.    Our route saw us drive through or into 7 states.  We stayed … Continue reading

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To The Person(s) Who Stole Things In The Middle Of The Night

To The Person(s) Who Stole Things From Our Car In The Middle Of The Night At our house we have always tried to pay heed to what is called loss prevention We take measures to keep our stuff ours without … Continue reading

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Quilting-The Twelve Step Program

Until recently I thought I was a quilter.  I have a sewing machine and many quilting tools and a nice little fabric stash.  My friend Caroline and I have taken several classes together over the years.  During a recent class … Continue reading

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Snow plows and cinnamon rolls

A while ago I wrote about Snow Plow Happiness and the joy of pushing the snow off ones driveway and onto the street BEFORE the snow plow arrives.    The plow pushes the snow away to some far off place … Continue reading

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