Simply Biscotti and Betty’s Tea Room (Part I)

What do Betty’s Tea Room in York, England and Simply Biscotti, the independent coffee/bakery/bistro in Little Italy in Ottawa, Ontario in common?

Since I visited both within the past three weeks, thought I’d do a bit of an account of each the two days-mostly done through photos.  This post is the Betty’s Tea Room visit in York, England

 Physical activity and spending time in friendly company

A good walk from the Bed & Breakfast to and around the York City Walls that are mostly still standing and surrounding the old city of York.  York has more intact city walls than any other city in England.  The walls date back to Roman times.

Below is York Minster as seen from the wall walk.  The cathedral is being repaired as you can see.  A message inside the cathedral spoke to the daily cost of maintaining the cathedral-some huge number that (a) I can’t remember accurately and (b) made me happy I wasn’t in charge of fundraising for the parish.

As for Betty’s Tea Room, it is an institution apparently.  It has been around for almost 100 years (first opened in 1919).  Six of us met at Betty’s for tea one afternoon.  I enjoyed a Fat Rascal scone with preserves and clotted cream (of course).  I can see why they have named the Fat Rascal as they have-eat enough of them and you become one.

And finally thought you might enjoy seeing how the Queen’s Jubilee is being celebrated in baking.  We never did eat a Jubilee item.  They look as if they are more for show than eating.

Have you been to York?  What were the highlights of your visit?  The Jorvik (Viking) Centre?  The British Railway Museum?  A Fat Rascal with clotted cream?

An afternoon treat

8 thoughts on “Simply Biscotti and Betty’s Tea Room (Part I)

    1. The trip was great. The weather was off and on. Wettest April on record. I would be happy to show you the small amount I know about blogging. Do you have a blogsite or are you thinking you would start blogging?

      Great to hear from you. Thanks for the comment

  1. I can’t remember being at Betty’s Tea Room..maybe it has changed I was at Betty’s Bar in York. There were many mirrors as I recall …and it seems to me there were many autographs of servicemen written either on the mirrors or on the wood. Both my Dad and Grandpa were stationed near York during their respective War Years.

  2. Wonderful pictures of Ottawa and of York. Nothing like tea and sweets to finish off a day of sightseeing. You really should have samples the Jubilee ones, though, just for bragging rights if nothing else.

    1. I hear you. Sometimes things that look too good just don’t fast the same. It was a toss up between one of those little iced cakes and a Fat Rascal scone. I chose the fatty.

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