Simply Biscotti Eating, Enjoyment and Expansion #12

Best Laid PlansFears of Expansion

I haven’t visited Simply Biscotti every week as I’d planned when I left full-time work just over a year ago.  It’s a matter of only so many hours in a day and so many other things that can fill those hours.  It’s a matter of expansion too.  Visits that are frequent and always accompanied by eating would mean expansion to my waist line no doubt.  It seems I didn’t factor calorie count realities into my post-work dreams.  

No Fears of Expansion

We visited Simply Biscotti on a recent Saturday morning, we had a late breakfast and a little visit with Rosa, the owner.  Rosa is expanding.  There will be a second location in Westboro in Ottawa soon.  As Rosa put it “a bit of Little Italy will be moving into Westboro”.  Westboro is a bustling community west of downtown Ottawa.  There are many independent shops, outdoor stores and eateries in the area.  That doesn’t seem to faze Rosa.  She’s settling into the midst of Starbucks locations, Bridgehead (local independent coffee/bistro) locations and several restaurants.  Rosa has no fears of expansion by the looks of it-she’s ready to take it on!  It’s refreshing to see and I wish her all the best.

Saturday Breakfast

We enjoyed a late (which for me is any time longer than 30 minutes after you get up) breakfast on Saturday.  I dug into my Simply Biscotti dish with gusto and then thought “Ah, should have taken a picture”.  Here it is then-partially eaten.  It was a spinach-feta frittata.  And it quashed a good appetite.

And a question for you.  Have you seen/heard enough about Simply Biscotti?  Should I wind up the project and the goal of eating my way through the dessert counter at Simply Biscotti?  Or are you interested in what happens next…with waistline and location expansions?

Spinach feta frittata

10 thoughts on “Simply Biscotti Eating, Enjoyment and Expansion #12

  1. No-please continue. I enjoy reading about biscotti eating and hope when we visit that you will enlighten us with a ‘real sample’. Bev

      1. Hi Barb! Rosa at Simply Biscotti would love to invite you in to share a coffee with her at the new location, give us a call at Westboro 613-680-0918 🙂

  2. I love reading about your adventures at Simply Biscotti, Barb! And the pictures of the food are so great, too.

  3. Hi Barb,
    Keep the Simply Biscotti stories coming. Rosa sounds like a winner, can’t say I envy her the work and the risk but I do admire her enthusiasm. Gaylene is snoozin and I am making coffee, getting ready for challenges of the day.

    1. Rosa is to be admired. Yesterday I was in Westboro and somewhere close to where her second place will be set up. I see there’s a Second Cup there too. You’ll be able to spit from espresso location to the next along the street. Your morning start sounds great-peaceful, snoozin’, making coffee and as my Mom used to say “gathering my thoughts”. Thanks for the comments Garth.

  4. Hi Barb! We’re always so happy to hear about your tasty adventures with us! Rosa at Simply Biscotti would love to invite you in to sit and share a coffee with her at the new location, give us a call at Westboro and ask for Rosa 613-680-0918 🙂 (sorry for the multiple comment)

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