Simply Biscotti- Installment13

It’s about time

The summer seemed to stretch out so nicely but now as it draws to a close, it seems the season went by quickly.  I hadn’t been to Simply Biscotti for quite a while and since that’s the reason this blog got started in the first place, the trip was overdue.  Rosa, the proprietor, opened a second Simply Biscotti location in the Westboro area of Ottawa this summer.   

Simply Biscotti Westboro Location

Once you get started

I visited the new Simply Biscotti location a week ago and in the days since I have been to one location or another a total of four times!  Each time I enjoyed Simply Biscotti with someone else, with Rosa, the owner, with a friend, with my husband and with a family member from Saskatchewan.  Adding to my quest of eating my way through the showcase, I have now tried an apple muffin (moist, flavourful) and a ginger biscotti (never had one of those before and had thought there might be a stronger ginger flavour).  Once I get started, it seems I can’t stop.

Service With A Smile

 Rosa talks about her shops and how she and her team work hard to make things look and taste great.  She’s a great local success story.  She establishes her shops in places where people have other choices for food and drink and it seems many of those customers prefer Simply Biscotti to the chain outlets.  She now offers employment to over 20 people in Ottawa.  Rosa has been nominated for an Immigrant Entrepreneur Award. I look around the shop and think she had to make all the decisions.  Lots of responsibility.   She’s proud of what’s been accomplished and so she should be.  As they say these days.  You Go Girl!

Don’t Just Take My Word For It

Yesterday as I entered the shop I held the door for a man as he exited, hands full with coffee and a treat.  After a thanks, he said “Go on in, there’s good stuff in there”.   

Fruit smoothie, fruit custard tart and coffee on a Sunday afternoon

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