The Best and Worst of People

We are taking our time putting our allotment garden to sleep this fall.  Most of the plant material has been cleared except for some swiss chard and a half row of lovely fall carrots. We’d tried the carrots a few weeks ago and they were delicious.  After a frost we knew they would be even better.  

The worst of people

You can imagine our surprise (and perhaps some of the things we said) when we met at the garden this week, shovels and forks in hand, thinking of enjoying those carrots and they were gone!  Pulled up and taken.  The thief or thieves must be into composting for they pulled the tops off the carrots and laid them neatly down on top the now empty row.  The nerve!  Carrots are pretty inexpensive in the store.  Whoever you are, we’d rather you go to the green grocer for your vegetables!  You have to be a certain sort to take something someone else has planted, watered and tended.  

The best of people

On the same visit to the garden, a woman who has walked by and chatted with us throughout the gardening season came by to say hello.  We had given her some swiss chard earlier in the year and she wanted us to come by for coffee and a snack to say thank you.  And so we did.  The snack turned out to be hearty delicious Lebanese lunch complete with Lebanese coffee!  Mmmm good!

Within a 3 hour period on a sunny late fall afternoon we saw the worst of people and the best of people.  

4 thoughts on “The Best and Worst of People

    1. I am afraid I don’t give people that much credit. If you’d see our plot, it looks tended and as if someone knows there is a half row of carrots left and will be coming back. Thanks for trying to get me to see another side but I’m afraid my lenses aren’t powered for same today.

    1. We are thinking that next fall we’ll put out a sign that says something along the lines of “We are coming back to pick the crop we planted, weeded, tended and cared for. Please leave the garden alone.” Or perhaps “There is a grocery store 2 km from here. If you are looking for fresh vegetables, kindly shop there and not in our garden.” I know you are a master with words. Got any other ideas?

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