Sooke Harbour House and Environs

We stayed in two lovely inns off the west coast of British Columbia last month.  The first inn was Sooke Harbour House on Vancouver Island.  The town of Sooke is about 40 kms from Victoria, B.C.  Each room in Sooke Harbour House has a view of the ocean in one way or another.  Here are pictures of some of the changing skies outside our window.

The first day of breakfast the kitchen must have thought we were twelve in the room, not two.  We had the quantity adjusted on day two.

The entrance to the Inn.

And finally a few pictures from a drive to the “Potholes” in Sooke.  Most places wouldn’t proudly refer to their potholes (in the road where they usually are), I thought.  In this case it refers to a picturesque river and swimming destination.  No swimmers on a cool showery day in October but there were some beautiful displays of fall leaves.

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6 Responses to Sooke Harbour House and Environs

  1. Cheryl says:

    Gorgeous photos – makes me pine for Vancouver Island…

    • The photos are all taken on an iPhone. It makes me think either you get really serious about photography and get a fancy camera or you use a cellphone which seems as good or better than the little digital camera I own. Thanks for the comment. I have one more blog on the inn on Saltspring Island. I hope you’ll enjoy those pictures too. It is our favourite getaway.

  2. Love the fall pictures and the ocean front. Never been to Sooke or Saltspring. Saltspring makes some of the best coffee I ever tasted, though. There is a small roasting company there that ships orders all over Canada and USA. Discovered it too late to have them send me some.

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