Paying for Parking

This radio program (attached below) about parking will make you think the next time you are looking for a spot to park your car.  It’s quite the eye opener. 

I have had some experience related to parking spaces.  At a previous job, I thought that it made sense to try to change a hierarchal method of allocating parking spaces.  Up to that point free parking was provided to those who worked in certain positions or had been there a long time while others had to fend for themselves.  Why not change to a system where the cost of parking would be spread equally across all those who used parking.  Factor in the “free” spaces and make it equitable. As leader of the group I made the pitch for change.  It made a lot of sense and it was fair to all.  I thought. We held a confidential vote.  When the smoke cleared nothing changed and I decided to never try to touch parking space allotment again.  People who make decisions and carry out allocation of office spaces and parking spots deserve being put forward for awards of bravery.

Paying for Parking

Do you have stories of parking and parking spaces?

2 thoughts on “Paying for Parking

  1. I heard on the radio that if you wait and watch someone leave there parking space in a parking lot , it will take that person at least 15 seconds longer to move than if you weren’t there….so if you have spied someone leaving their space..don’t let on that you are waiting for it and you will get it sooner.

    Also…I can NOT for the life of me figure out those machines in malls where you pay for your parking spot in the parkade ahead of time…what ever happened to those little booths where someone would take your ticket and give you change? Seems so foreign to have to pay for parking when one comes from Saskatchewan and one can park almost anywhere FREE , leave the car unlocked with the engine running and usually nothing bad happens very often.–except you run out of gas, forget where you parked it, or sometone accidently puts their groceries in the vehicle tthinking it was theirs.

    1. Coming back to your car and finding groceries you didn’t purchase must be interesting. Interesting about people taking longer to leave their spot if someone else is waiting. Not heartening, but interesting.

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