Don’t Cry Because It Is Over, Smile Because It Happened

One of our dearest friends has died

He faced a relentless disease with optimism, courage and grace

 In the face of a reality that could have been consumed by despair

He rose above, giving and receiving love and support

 The disease was transparent as it never obscured

The heart and strength of this man, who lived life to the fullest

From Taoism comes a teaching of the balance of life that holds

Every life is filled with ten thousands joys and ten thousand sorrows

I choose to interpret the teaching as joys abound

And can be found in everyday life, like the small things

That culminate in a friendship that withstands all

It cannot be replaced and will for all time in memory stand

While sorrows are few, as singles, they count in hundred fold

We think of what he would want us to think and it would be

 Do not cry because it is over.  Smile because it happened





14 thoughts on “Don’t Cry Because It Is Over, Smile Because It Happened

  1. How beautiful.

    Your dear friend not only had a good life in no small part due to your and Mick’s friendship, but you also helped Bev have a good death which,too, is a gift.

    Hugs to you both

    Sally and Gene

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  2. Barb, we have nevr met you or Mick but have heard much about you over the years from Bev & Pat. You have put this so eloquently and he was so brave and determined throughout this long fight. Thank you. We are off to the airport now to collect Drena & Terry – let’s hope there are lots of smiles!

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