You Take Away From the Enjoyment-Day 9-A Poem A Day

You Take Away From The Enjoyment

I like to watch some golf on TV

With players whose talent is something to see

O’er the past several years there’s an annoying trend

Where some in the crowd call out when the swing is at an end

To be sure, it doesn’t add to my enjoyment and it certainly isn’t cool

So please stop hollering “In the Hole!” you insufferable fool!

2 thoughts on “You Take Away From the Enjoyment-Day 9-A Poem A Day

    1. Remind me never ever to consider entering a word competition with you. Your ample grey matter contains the equivalent of multiple dictionaries, thesauruses, and most books on witty sayings.

      Really, though, who hollers “In the hole!” when a pro tees off and it is absolutely impossibly far to the cup. On the other hand, if it’s close enough for the ball to possibly go in the hole, isn’t it self evident that’s the object of the exercise? I think people do it so they can watch/listen to the re-run and here themselves on TV. Silly, really.

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