Perth, Ontario-Day 15-A Poem A Day

Just had the good fortune to spend a week away

Went to a vibrant community in Ontario, known as Perth

It’s a place to recommend, if even for a day


To see “the prettiest town in Ontario”, it is well worth

Your time to see a community by Canadian standards fair old

With beautiful buildings of yesteryear well-preserved


You can learn about the community’s heritage in stories told

The recount of the last duel can leave you unnerved

Where for the love of a woman, the loser was shot dead

But times have changed and the place is a delight

Many a place for visitors to enjoy breakfast and bed

And pleasant restaurants and pubs where you can enjoy a bite

If you have the chance do make your way to Perth Ontario

It has a lot going for it, as they say,  it’s a great scenario


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