The Dog Ate My Homework-Day16/17-A Poem A Day

The dog ate my homework, is a manner of speaking

To explain with statements approaching veracity

When perhaps some rationale you are seeking

While perhaps the task has exceeded your capacity

And into the abyss of excuses you easily slide

With reasons piled on reasons of why you did not

Those within earshot can hardly abide

And you yourself after a while into the story line are bought

Yesterday, it appears I missed a daily post

When I had committed to a little prose every day for while

I did pen something yesterday but the server was toast

And the queue for postings was longer than a mile

And the database absorbed the malware’s cookies into it

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it

4 thoughts on “The Dog Ate My Homework-Day16/17-A Poem A Day

  1. Sometimes this excuse is true. Last year I had to go red-faced to the bank and request another RRSP contribution statement – because my dog ate it! If I come home late and Whiskey’s mad about it he looks for something to tear up and somehow got hold of the envelope – I could only piece bits together…

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