Carrots-Two Bucks A Bag-Day 18-A Poem A Day

This is the third year in a row

My friend and I have taken to hoe

And rake and seeds, watering cans and such

Hoping our community garden would produce much

Each year we have measures of success and some not

As we bend and tend in that garden plot

There’s plenty of joy and a fair amount of toil

In hope of nutritious vegetables from the soil

We try to start many seeds indoors


The little pots lined up on window sills and floors

If you accounted for your time, in planning, caring and more

You realize how little you pay at the store

It takes some spunk to not let your spirits sag

When your friends tease you about your garden saying “Carrots-two bucks a bag”

Are you a gardener?  Got any stories to share?

4 thoughts on “Carrots-Two Bucks A Bag-Day 18-A Poem A Day

  1. Tanya finished our garden. It is too big for us but no one wants half of it. she plants vines – melons, pumpkins, squash etc just to fill space so she doesn’t have to weed.

    1. And she is doing something very important when she is growing food. I am reading more and more about the importance of local food. I just bought City Farmer by Canadian author Lorraine Johnson. She tells of shelling peas when her little nephew came along and he didn’t recognize a pea pod. Unfortunately we either don’t know or don’t think about where and how our food gets to the table unless it’s your toil that puts it there.

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