My Unusual Joy-Day 20-A Poem A Day

There is a certain activity that brings me joy

It’s not one that brings happiness to every girl and boy

Just give me some garden gloves and offset shears

And I’ll go at a neglected bush in way that can bring tears

To those who don’t know how much it helps shrubs and trees

You give the thing some shape and allow the summer breeze

To whistle through the branches and play a pretty tune

By now, you’ve figured out I love to prune!


True story: when I first started pruning there were few references or how to books available.  A co-worker back then advised me that one should prune a tree so a bird could flew through the branches.  I started with our apple tree.  Well, one thing led to another and when my husband came out of the house to view the result he said “You were to leave enough space for a bird, not a 747!”  Yes it looked pretty barren but you should have seen the apples the next year!

5 thoughts on “My Unusual Joy-Day 20-A Poem A Day

    1. It may feel like you may remove too much but it’s rarely so. Remove branches (or at least one of the two) that rub on each other-they can rub the tree raw and be a receptacle for disease. If it’s a bush you can take 1/3 of the old growth per year-cut it right off at the ground. After three years you’ve got new growth throughout. Then you slow the pace of pruning. The internet has all sort of information now about when it’s best to prune what. I keep at it regularly and stay away from big trees where I could be like Keith Richards and fall out of one.

  1. Pruning is an art! You have mastered it, as I well know. (The dogwood in front of my barn looks fab this spring!) I have not yet mastered it but getting better. I now at least know and abide by the key principles. So happy to finally be out in my garden!!! Sally

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