Last Day-Day 26-A Poem A Day

I had this harebrained idea over three weeks back

To pen a poem a day shouldn’t be too hard to hack

It was less than a month that I’d committed to write every day

How hard can that be, to myself I did say

I found I know very little about rhyming schemes

And it’s not always easy to come up with a theme

Of different forms of poetry, my ignorance knows no bounds

Writing poetry is more difficult than it sounds

And to those who blog daily for a year 

Well the thought to my eye now brings a tear

And while tonight I know this is the last daily poem I will do

I am thinking there’s likely no one more relieved than you!



Thanks for reading and to those who commented.  Whatever will I blog about now?



12 thoughts on “Last Day-Day 26-A Poem A Day

  1. I will miss your poems Barb – there were sooo great – just needed a knock knock joke theme in there and it would take us back mmmmany years. Love you and Congrats on a job well done. xoxo Kerry

  2. Dear Barb,
    Kudos to you
    For seeing this through
    As to what next to do
    I’ll leave up to you
    But hope that you knew
    That I liked them too!

  3. Ode to Barbara (from a fan)

    There once was a Barbara named Shea,
    who up and decided one day,
    her thoughts she would log
    on her internet blog,
    and rhyme them from April to May!

    Her ambition was noted,
    and if friends had voted
    when first she embarked on this dream,
    we might have demurred,
    or even deterred,
    what seemed like too madcap a scheme!

    But day after day
    She worked and she sweated,
    And into our lives popped her poems;
    Quite how she got through it,
    Well, none of us knew it.
    Her brain must be poem-fertile loam!

    And now April’s over,
    The gumption that drove her
    To put daily thoughts into rhyme,
    Goes into a gardening mode,
    And planting and weeding, with all of its grime,
    Will be more fun to play with than odes!

    At the end of the show,
    We want her to know,
    Her verses deserve a big toast,
    For life will be boring
    Without poetry soaring
    From Ottawa to the West Coast!

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