No Vacancy There But Delightful Stay Here

I just returned from St. John’s Newfoundland.  Newfoundland and Labrador is Canada’s easternmost province.  Its strength and beauty lies in the people who live there.  They are friendly, down to earth, full of good humour and proud of their heritage.  The province’s economy is on an upswing and downtown St. John’s (capital of the province) shows evidence of the boom.  

I was attending a conference in St. John’s and was tardy in booking a hotel room.  By the time I made inquiries the rooms were all taken.  I found accommodation at At Wit’s Inn, a very comfortable Bed and Breakfast (B&B) a 20 minute walk from the conference hotel.  In the end, I am happy to have stayed somewhere unique, quiet and clean, where you are very comfortable and at the same time supporting a small family business.  There are 3 rooms in the B&B.  I’d stay there again.

Have you ever found a no vacancy sign and then found alternate accommodation and felt you got the better end of the deal?

Here are some pictures:



6 thoughts on “No Vacancy There But Delightful Stay Here

  1. It was nice to see you in St. John’s, Barb. The conference hotel was comfy and clean with lovely service, but it was still a hotel… plain vanilla compared to what I see in the pics above.

  2. Nice to see you too Sarah. I’ll have some gardening stories soon. Do you have an evidence based information on how to turn wee tiny plants whose stems are about the width of buttonhole thread into robust plants that produce food?

  3. A lovely place you found, Barb. I have only stayed in a couple of B&Bs as they are usually more expensive than cheap hotels and a bed, hot water and these days, Wifi are all I ask for. I would love to visit Newfoundland. Have you read Claire Mowat’s The Outport People? A way of life gone 50 years but the soul of the province is as you say the hearts of the people.

  4. Awesome find! Nicer than a cookie cutter hotel room 🙂 Friends recommended to me to find unique (dare I say sometimes eclectic) places all over the world. A trip to Newfoundland is on our bucket list!

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