Garth’s Garage “Always Open”

Our friend Garth lives in central Saskatchewan, Canada. He does not have a blog site and I asked him if he would like to post a story about one of his passions-his garage and shop. And here it is:

About 2 years ago, my wife and I decided to build a new house. We had lived in our summer cottage since selling our house in town and although it was a nice cottage, as a full-time house it left a few things to be desired. I jumped at the opportunity because this meant a chance to build a new garage and design a new shop. I am an amateur auto restorer and I spend a lot of time in my shop. So, with the house and the garage finished it was time to set up my new shop. I make a lot of dust and dirt in my shop and my wife likes “her side” to be clean so:


The answer of course is my shop with all of my tools and my current project, a 1968 Camaro in residence.


It has many of the amenities of a good shop, ample space (16 feet by 30 feet), a furnace, a ventilation fan and lots of fluorescent lights. It also has a bench which I built out of two old but solid kitchen tables. I added drawers and shelves so everything has a place.


It also has a picture of a very nice toy. And a custom clock that my daughter, son-in-law and grandson gave me for Christmas.


The caption at the bottom of the picture reads “The difference between men and boys is the price of their toys”. No doubt this is true and my wife is very tolerant of my “holes in the shop that I pour money into”.


This is a picture of the current “hole”, a 1968 Camaro in need of much work. I enjoy the work very much and it has made sure that I am never bored in my retirement. Are you retired? What is your hobby?

2 thoughts on “Garth’s Garage “Always Open”

  1. What an awesome workshop. Envy!
    I miss my woodworking shop/garage in Canada. Mostly I miss the ability to buy dimension lumber. I finally made a list and will drop over to our local sawmill one block away and have them cut some stuff for me. Their lumber is unplaned and actual dimension ie a 2×4 is 50mmx100mm. I need to buy a GOOD planer.

    1. The shop is admired by many. Garth sends out email updates on his car restorations. I thought it would be nice to hear about his brand new shop and what is happening inside it.

      I wish you had a good planer too. You’ve said before how much you miss a shop. Is it a matter of access to good equipment or space or both?

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