Gardening Hint Spurs A Revelation

Winter continues to hang on, even though it is now officially spring.  We had 10+ cm of snow yesterday.  It will be -18 tonight.  We have lived in Ottawa for a decade and sometimes by this time of year the weather has been downright balmy.  

The other day a friend and fellow gardener sent me a link about how to grow tons of tomatoes:

It’s about knowing if your tomatoes are determinate or indeterminate and removing suckers accordingly.  And there was the revelation:

Next year I am determinate not to be a sucker and stay in Ottawa all winter long.

4 thoughts on “Gardening Hint Spurs A Revelation

  1. Sounds like cabin fever setting in.
    Best do a quick trip to NZ just long enough to missing our winter setting but long enough for the pussy willows to do their thing before returning back home. Maybe flood waters will have receded by than?
    I remember it all well.
    Maybe see you in June?
    Hope all is well and healthy otherwise
    From that distant cousin who seems to skirt winters

  2. Hi Barb, I loved this post!!! Have you been out skiing or snowshoeing lately? I’m wondering at this point if we’ll be golfing before June… Looking forward to Sunday. Maybe we can plan another outing sometime soon. – Irene

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