From Canada to Ukraine

Much too many years ago we had “new neighbours” move in next door to us in Regina, Saskatchewan.  They were, in short order, very dear friends and we learned, the best neighbours anyone could hope to have.  I remember thinking, at the time, just how lucky we were they chose the house next door.  Nothing lasts forever and ultimately we both moved away.  Our friend moved to Ukraine. He  has blogged off and on since he moved there and the topics have been wide-ranging.  I had always enjoyed the pieces about everyday life in Ukraine in times gone by.  We couldn’t have predicted how events would unfold in the recent weeks.  Most recently many of the blogs focus on the situation in Ukraine and Crimea.  

I do wish they lived next door again.  In Canada.

 Below is the link to his blog:

4 thoughts on “From Canada to Ukraine

  1. Dear Barb,

    Thanks for this! I read the blog and found it fascinating and very disheartening to say the least, but not unexpected. I do think Putin is one of the true villain’s of this day.

    Looking forward to our dinner. Lot’s to talk about!!


  2. Thank for the plug and the link. Those were good times, Barb. I was just explaining your apple tree pruning theories to another blogger in Michigan who is going to prune hers wearing snowshoes as she won’t need a ladder. Some people still live their lives, like my father, on the farm where he was born. Sometimes I envy them the stability and community such a life affords. But it is a big world and I have not yet seen all of it…

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