I Have GAS

Three months into accordion lessons and it’s an experience in humility.  I have moved on from Book One and its byline “congratulations on buying your child an accordion” .   From Book Two I have been playing La Donna E Mobile.  

I’ve played that song 120 times (at least) and think I must have 240 times left to go before it is recognizable.  I am enjoying the experience and the lessons.  The slow progress not so much.

A few weeks ago my friend and I went into an antique furniture store.  And there was an accordion sitting there.  A beautiful red accordion.  It was a larger accordion than my purchase of a few months and you know, it makes sense to have more treble keys and more bass buttons, doesn’t it?  Doesn’t it?  And it was red, that pretty vintage accordion.  I hemmed and hawed and went back a few days later and well, I couldn’t resist.  

When I told my accordion teacher what I’d done, he said I had GAS-Gear Acquisition Syndrome.  I’m looking for a case for it now and maybe I should acquire one more model at some point.  You know a little beater accordion I could play at our community garden.  We could conduct an experiment to see if plants respond to a haltingly played version of La Donna E Mobile.


10 thoughts on “I Have GAS

    1. Isn’t it. I felt a bit like people who buy a car on colour, not on reports of reliability and safety. However my accordion teacher did come with me the first time and he put the instrument through its paces. He’s got the talent and the ear, I’ve got GAS.

    1. I’m working on Cielto Lindo…surely O Sole Mio can’t be far behind. My original goal was to be able to play “When I’m Sixty Four” before the end of the calendar year and at my current speed-let’s just say it might be “just in time” delivery. Although I hadn’t really thought about whether I would be able to play it well..or just play it.

  1. I think that’s really neat barb . The new accordion. I thought you and Cheryl both took lessons or played vwhen you were kids ? I am sure it will motivate your plants . Sent from my iPhone Edy Allen Lemberg, Saskatchewan Canada

    1. I think all three of us took lessons. Though I don’t recall this, I was told that I bought the accordion with proceeds from selling my 4-H Beef calf. Great to hear from you.

  2. Albert says one of the tunes you should learn to play is “Under the Double Eagle “by John Philip Suzza Likely spelt wrong .

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