Canadian Tulip Festival 2014

Although warmish spring weather has been reluctant to show itself around Ottawa, the delay has made the timing of the Canadian Tulip Festival and the tulip display a perfect match.  The festival runs May 9-19th.  My friend and I went for a stroll through the tulips yesterday. The sun was shining making the display particularly pretty.   The beds of flowers and perennials at Dows Lake are beautiful and things are at the early end of their glory.  This year there are some outdoor sculptures/art interest features to add to the interest on your stroll through along the paths.  It is lovely to live close enough to the tulip festival to enjoy its beauty every year.




8 thoughts on “Canadian Tulip Festival 2014

  1. Lovely Barb . Is it early ? Mine are only just appearing in the garden . But on neighbours south side are more so . Liz has been here she has most of the beds planted and our outside work done .how good can you get it . Gladys has been put in a care home in Grenfell . Not able to be alone, too many falls and her mind is a bit confused . She has other health issues . Looks bright this morning . Seeding has begun so I guess it’s spring . Are you in your garden ? Hope for a good summer !! Love Edy

    Sent from my iPhone Edy Allen Lemberg, Saskatchewan Canada

    1. It’s not early for tulips compared to other years we’ve been here. Just right really. Perhaps Liz would like to come out this way to do some outside work. Thank you for the other news.

  2. Fabulous shots, Barb! You have inspired me and I will stop by Dow’s lake when I am in town later today!

    Thanks for posting!!


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