My Name Is Squidge

I am a dog who has come to stay at this house for a little while.  Not long, I heard.  Be a good boy, I heard before my owners went out the door.  Well, I thought, if this is to be a new experience, why not really go for it.  I’ve decided I’ll blog a bit about the experience while I’m here.  Of course I can’t really blog or use a computer or speak but my temporary sitters think they can read my mind or at the very least they will impose their thinking into my actions.

This is me below.  I knew something was up when my owners starting packing suitcases.  Something’s happening my little doggie brain told me.  This can’t be good so I will attack the travel pillow.  When that activity came to an abrupt end I thought I’d see if I could camouflage myself and get packed into the suitcase.  Imagine their delight I thought, when they open their suitcases at the end of a journey and “ta da!!!” I jump out!

Take me with you, please.
Take me with you, please.

The strategy didn’t work and here I am in a new environment.  I hope these people know something about canine care.





4 thoughts on “My Name Is Squidge

  1. Hi Squidge – we hope you are settling into your new place while your owners are away. We think you are very cute and could be a new friend! As a tip – the trick is to train your new people to take you for walks every day and give you cookie treats – we’ve been successful about treats, but promises of daily walks and lots of snow to play in have not happened while our owner has been home this week – hope you have better luck!

    woof woof, Tessa and Whiskey (2 shelties; can’t figure out how to show you our picture)

    1. I am very happy to hear from fellow pups. Apparently I have a lot to learn about the social graces of mixing with other canines. As to walking, well when it’s cold I’d rather stay inside but these humans keep taking me out. Something about bathroom breaks. I could do without them, really. I would like to see your pictures some time. I hear you are very pretty.

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