By Squidge, Day Two of My “Vacation”

My temporary masters and I are now in day two of our vacation together.  I am not quite sure about them.  They talk to me a lot.  They ask me all sorts of questions.  I presume they are rhetorical questions and they don’t really expect an answer.  So I don’t answer although I do tilt my head to one side to let them know I am listening.  

My world is viewed from 12 inches off the ground.  It’s a big world out there and things like a leaf blowing down the street can be quite unnerving.  I weigh only 10 pounds or so and big winds are also intimidating.  And they keep taking me outside.  More about that later in this, my second instalment as a guest blogger.

My temporary masters seem to care about me.  Although it was a bit scary yesterday when somehow I got into the laundry room and the door was closed behind me.  I must have been there at least 5 or 10 minutes before my very strategic but ‘I’m not really that bummed out’ little yelps sent them on a hunt to find me.  They say I opened and closed the door myself but that’s hardly possible.  Anyway I emerged happy as can be, sort of a ‘ta da!’ when they opened the door. 

It’s cold and windy here and I am not very happy about going outside.  Frankly I’d rather not.  They talk to me a lot when they are taking me outside.  I am not  eager to come to the door.  In fact sometimes when they play fetch with me and the ball lands near the outside door I’ve taken to leaving it there in case the outside swallows me up when I get nearby.  I think they should give me more snacks around walk time and that might help mould my attitude.  

All this blogging has made me sleepy.  And so, until another time, I remain.



5 thoughts on “By Squidge, Day Two of My “Vacation”

  1. Dear Squidge,

    Best of Luck to you Squidge. Holidays are always a bit stressful.
    Different food.
    Different bed.
    Different routine.
    This time too shall pass. These people you are with are good prairie stock…but I’d advise you never ….ever….howl like a coyote. ….Just saying……


  2. Hi Squidge,
    It sounds like your new people are gradually getting used to youl; be patient, people can be a little slow…We guess you don’t have a double coat like us so now we understand why you aren’t too happy in the cold and wind. Great job on getting a comfy bed on the furniture!! Whiskey has to sneak on the sofa when our mum’s not around and I have to wait till someone lifts me up. We’ve learned that if you lift up your paw you can get extra treats – not sure why, but it works!

    Oh, and about coyotes – you might want to stay away from the Jack Pine Trail – there is one hanging about there.

    til next time,
    Tessa and Whiskey waiting for snow

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