Does This Camouflage Work?

I have now spent  7 full days on this so called “vacation” of mine.  I am getting literally no outdoor exercise to speak of these days.  It’s -37 with the windchill tonight.  The humans are having some sort of lively discussion about whose turn it is to take me out.   Oh, right, you two get to decide which ONE of you goes out while I can’t bring in a substitute.  Nooooo, it has to be me who goes out.  

I am trying a new tactic.  It’s quite clever really.  You see my coat is a sandy blond colour and that’s just the colour of the carpet on the stairs going to the basement.  If I am called to go outside and don’t want to go (which is pretty much all the time) I go down a few stairs and sit.  I think they won’t see me.  Thing is, though, I look up at them  and my dark eyes and nose show.  But I’m a dog and don’t realize it.  I heard them say if I was a polar bear I’d learn how to cover my nose and fit more into the surroundings.

 I just tried to tear up a paper napkin and that got taken away.  I am at loose ends.  This place is boring. 


Bored Dog



7 thoughts on “Does This Camouflage Work?

  1. We agree Squidge – it’s toooo cold to play outside (Tessa was still shivering with her coat and boots) and our people don’t seem to want to play Frisbee in the house so we’re bored, bored, bored. Whiskey did get a big bone yesterday that he’s still working on that has helped to pass the time but we sure spend a lot of time sleeping…

    Two bored dogs,
    Tessa and Whiskey

    1. If I thought I’d know how to play well with you both, I’d say let’s get together when it’s not so cold. However I apparently have a ways to go in terms of knowing how to be a good face to face dog friend (I’m excellent at talking on line) so for now it’s good to at least know I am not alone in how I feel in the cold weather. And those darn boots. What a hassle, don’t you find?


  2. Cold here too, little wuss, but I live and play outside all the time and don’t want to go home. I don’t even sleep in my doghouse unless it is really cold. My human should take me for a walk (go with me while I run ahead) but he is a wuss too. Love, VOLK

    1. Oh my goodness, I am now a dog with international friends!! Are you a big tough dog? Remember I am only 11 pounds so maybe I am a wuss but I’m a little one. The humans here are going easy on me as far as outdoor time. The cold weather alerts are gone now for the foreseeable future so hopefully we will all get out more. Keep in touch VOLK. I’d say something to you in Ukrainian or Russian if I knew how…how do you say “woof” in your language?


  3. Squidgkins!

    Consider it your duty to liven that house up a bit…..and time will fly by.

    I believe there is an accordion in that house…sniff it out….and when you find it start to ‘sing’ and ‘dance’ around….this encourages culture and events.

    Follow the Leader is a great game to get those people exercising more…crawling under beds, behind sofas, closets, and inside recliners…(note…recliners ramp up the thrill of adventure and is not for the faint of heart.) …. It is a great cardiovascular indoor exercise…not unlike ZOOMBA…especially when done to lively accordion music as previously mentioned.

    You are doing a great job Squidge…making those rented people’s lives more interesting on cold January days. If they didn’t have you they would probably just spend their time watching TV in bed while eating pop tarts, and only opening their outside door to meter readers and pollsters (which are no doubt quite a few in number considering the city in which you live).
    Their voices would be in a constant level of intonation…no real words uttered other than thank you and excuse me. The sounds of snow falling and random frost quakes would be the most notable and unpredictable sounds for days at a time.

    Squigkey…these people will never be the same again because of your visit . I can assure you that after you have long left their domain they will think of you on a weekly if not daily basis if you just follow this simple activity which I will now describe.

    Every time you receive a dog treat….take it and run…run to the nearest couch, bedroom pillow, linen closet, or laundry basket and HIDE it. Hide it fast and hide it well. If you do it enough those people will never put their hands randomly in the cushions of their sofa, lift a bedroom pillow, or pull out a folded sheet without the expectation of something dropping out at them…and thus your memory will come alive long after you have returned to your own people….wherever they are for whatever reason they went.

    Give ‘them’ both a lick for me….another cardiovascular favour.


    1. You must have a lot of experience, P, for you’ve given me many ideas. The humans want to let you know they don’t eat pop tarts but I have seen them go at a huge bag of Chicago style popcorn and it didn’t last long.

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