Bravery and Joy in the Same Day

Yesterday I went on my first car ride since being dogsat.  I let the driver know I was a bit apprehensive through whining a new tune on occasion.  When we pulled up to Pet Smart I knew I was sunk.  All 11 lbs of me was shaking.  Big dogs, little dogs, noise and me thinking why do I have to be here.  Something about a beard and…well they call it a “sani” trim but it’s really a beard and bum.  It took all my resolve to be brave but I was and when it was over I wasn’t shaking any more.  Here you see one end being shaved.  I didn’t think you’d be interested in seeing the other view.

IMG_3194When we got home I was exhausted and some disappointed in these humans for putting me through the trauma.  I wasn’t interested in fetch or much of anything.  I may have been down in the dumps after all that adrenalin pulsing through my body.  (I think dog’s have adrenalin, don’t they?).  I’m glad to say the day ended in joy when company came over for dinner!!! New humans to meet!  I enjoy that.  I behaved pretty well but in the end I was just plain tuckered from the day and fell asleep in front of them.  

And a new day has dawned now.  I am being asked to help clean up and do laundry but I’m thinking a nap is more my style.  The weather is getting better but this morning it was still -25 with the wind.  This morning I tried to convince the humans that I am a dog that doesn’t have any bodily functions. I can sleep on this sofa and cuddle into this blanket all day, I said.  No need to take me out.  But they did.  Back inside, I plan to encourage domestic chores from my special spot in the house:


Squidge, mixed breed, champion napper

6 thoughts on “Bravery and Joy in the Same Day

  1. Oh my Squidge – we shudder at the thought of your visit to Pet Smart for a trim – we’ve been for baths there which were not too bad but the big blow dryers were very scary and we’ve pleaded with our owner to not send us there again!! We don’t mind going for a visit with the other dogs especially if we convince our owner to walk out with a nice bag of new treats to try…

    We had a fun walk in the snow yesterday, but the cold is biting our feet today, so curling up on our cosy mats in the sun is the plan for today,

    Yours in snoozing,
    Tessa and Whiskey

    1. Thanks for the note, doggies. Good to know I’m not alone in that place giving me the heebeegeebees. As to new treats, I’d like that but right now they are trying to figure out if I have food allergies.

      I slept most of the day yesterday too. I like napping when the sun comes in the window. I move around to find the sunbeams.



  2. You look very handsome Squidgey. Keeping one’s good looks is such a chore believe me I understand completely. I am having pretty much the same procedure done next week and I don’t look forward to it a bit….well ‘almost’ the same procedure.

    New Humans? Cool! No doubt you were paraded around proudly, admired, did a few tricks.. and bragged about …even adoptive humans like to do that.

    Saturday chores? I agree…No Way Ozay….your cuteness is your job and you are doing it well. I have bowed to Saturday morning napping for the very same reason some years ago except my ‘cuteness’ probably peaked in those days around 11pm the night before…

    Keep Warm. Keep Napping. Keep keeping that house lively.

    1. Will you send me a picture of your grooming? Do you have to sit on something that looks like a fat ironing board? Do they put your head in a leash and attach it to a contraption above your head? I’d like to see whether I have grounds for complaint to the SPCA.

  3. Condolences. My humans give me a haircut in June after all my winter hair has been combed out. I look like the wrath of God but at least it is cool. My wussy human finally put on enough clothes to be warm and went walking with me. Of course, he had to bring along the neighbour’s pup. Nice kid but dumb as a brick. He hangs around all the time and we play together when I am allowed out of my run. I’d love to be inside the house but they would give me a bath and they object to my marking territory on the walls. It is MY house too but they don’t think so. Love, Volk.

    1. Dear Volk,

      You got a walk with your human! Good for you and for him. As to marking your territory in the house, really Volk, what are you thinking? You’ll get booted out for sure for doing that. I hear these two humans at this end are going to give me a bath this afternoon. I think it will be quite a production as their ignorance knows no bounds on these and most other dog care issues.


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