Riddle Solution

Thank you to everyone who sent in suggested answers to my riddle.  I was going to post the solution last night but time got away on me.  First there was a round of fetch and other rambunctious activity and then a nap and then the huge rigmarole to put on my boots and have my last walk of the day.  By then I was pooped and just wanted to watch Poirot and then head to my kennel.  I thought I’d need a clear head to explain this routine.  

Thank you to everyone to tried to figure out the riddle. Unfortunately there was no one who was able to solve it but there were many creative responses.  No matter, you are all winners and I will still ask my owners if I can come meet you some time.  I’m sure they will oblige.

I’m not complaining but stating a fact that I had to live through 14 of my 17 days with poor boot putting-on technique. Fourteen days where I was very likely to blow a shoe and have a very cold paw or paws before getting back home.  No wonder I don’t always want to go out.  But now things are better.  It eats into my nap time to get ready but things are better.

We are using the PAWZ booties.  For a small dog it takes two humans to put them on, really and if there’s only one human available then it’s almost impossible.  The boots have no insulation but at least they stay on and protect me from salt, ice and snow. (I bought a smaller size and that’s been helpful).  Here’s what we do if there’s only one person around.

Riddle solution:

  • My minder cuts 4 rings from a cardboard tube and covers them with duct tape. (credit to YouTube videos for most of this idea)  She used duct tape thinking it would give the tube more strength but it’s only been marginally helpful.  They collapse after a number of times of being used.  The next version might be little sections of PVC pipe or something else (got any ideas?).  She stretches each of my four booties over one of these rings.  They hold the boot open.


  • When walk time is nigh, my minder puts two towels in the dryer to warm them and starts telling me a bunch of hokum about how going outside is fun.  She warms the towels because she thinks I like it.  She picks me up and puts me on my back on a towel and covers my tummy with another.  It’s warm and I lay quietly.
  • With less than remarkable dexterity, she puts my leg in and pulls the tube up and the boot is then on my paw.  She slips the tube back down and off.
Here we go again
Here we go again but the warm towel is nice
Ms Rube Goldberg Wannabee Puts On My Boots
Ms Rube Goldberg Wannabee Puts On My Boots

And finally I’m ready to go.  I’m not really excited about it however I seem to forget all the preparation once out in the snow.

Do These Boots Make My Paws Look Big?
Do These Boots Make My Paws Look Big?

Well, it’s almost the end of my time here.  I think I have one final blog in me.  It will contain a few observations and recommendations based on my experience during my pet stay-cation.  Is there anything in particular you think I should include in my exit blog?



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