My Name Is Squidge

I am a dog who has come to stay at this house for a little while.  Not long, I heard.  Be a good boy, I heard before my owners went out the door.  Well, I thought, if this is to be a new experience, why not really go for it.  I’ve decided I’ll blog a bit about the experience while I’m here.  Of course I can’t really blog or use a computer or speak but my temporary sitters think they can read my mind or at the very least they will impose their thinking into my actions.

This is me below.  I knew something was up when my owners starting packing suitcases.  Something’s happening my little doggie brain told me.  This can’t be good so I will attack the travel pillow.  When that activity came to an abrupt end I thought I’d see if I could camouflage myself and get packed into the suitcase.  Imagine their delight I thought, when they open their suitcases at the end of a journey and “ta da!!!” I jump out!

Take me with you, please.
Take me with you, please.

The strategy didn’t work and here I am in a new environment.  I hope these people know something about canine care.