Going Home and Coming Back Home

I have just returned from a vacation to Saskatchewan.  Saskatchewan is home.  At least it was  for the first five decades of my life.  It has been said that you must leave home and return in order to see it for the first time.  It’s true for me.  You see the beauty, the scenery, even … Continue reading Going Home and Coming Back Home

A Perfect Pair-A Perfect Day

What are the odds?  Wouldn’t it be interesting to hear a bookmaker lay odds in the events that unfolded in this true story:  Once upon a time there was a young couple who were in love and decided to join their lives together in marriage.  One of the things they enjoyed doing together was watching … Continue reading A Perfect Pair-A Perfect Day

A Portable Musical Instrument

Yesterday I purchased a portable musical instrument.  It’s an instrument some like to ridicule.  An eye roller to some.  It’s the instrument our mother played.  I don’t recall how she came to play it.  Perhaps it was her Polish heritage or the just the era and community where she was raised.  It’s the instrument our … Continue reading A Portable Musical Instrument

Being Measured and Falling Short

There are so many pleasures that come with entertaining in your home.  Memorable times abound with family and friends in the privacy of your own four walls and around a kitchen or dining table.   One thing I have always enjoyed is setting the table for dinner when entertaining.  Somewhere along the way I became interested … Continue reading Being Measured and Falling Short

The Place You Were Formed

It is the same for almost everyone, I’d bet.  When you have moved away from the place where you grew up (my sister jokes she has always lived in the same postal code) and you return home, it’s a wonderful experience.  I blogged about a trip home to the province of Saskatchewan last year.  Another trip this … Continue reading The Place You Were Formed

Adventures on a bike ride

I took the two-wheeler out for a spin a couple of days ago.  Here’s the outline of a couple of hours away from the house: Method of transport-20 year old Specialized Crossroads bike with two saddlebags.  I am very fond of my bike.  It has taken me on many a journey over the years. First … Continue reading Adventures on a bike ride

Ella’s Tree

Chance Made Us Neighbours-Hearts Made Us Friends Eight years ago today my dear friend Ella died. Over twenty years ago, in another city and another time, we had new neighbours move in next door.  Our daughter, a single child, was standing on her bed watching the activity next door.  “Mom” she squealed with delight “They’ve … Continue reading Ella’s Tree