Biography written by my co-workers as I retired and they gave me this blog site:

Barb is an avid story-teller, lover of donkeys, and a great athlete. She is a teaching pro with the Women’s Professional Golf Association and professional markswomen with the Saskatchewan Gopher Shooting Association. She is also a proud supporter of office April Fool’s pranks although she is skipping out right before this years’ big day. She is a lover of all things that involve planning and a passionate believer in MBWA (Management by Walking Around). She is kind, intelligent, generous, and a true professional. Her EQ or emotional intelligence is unparalleled. Consequently, Barb has developed many lifelong friendships. This diverse skill set has resulted in a her having a very successful career first as a pharmacist and then at CADTH. Barb also has a very extensive and eclectic portfolio of artisan made sweaters.

What’s the true story?

I do like to tell stories and those stories are always true. Really.  While I play golf there is no way I could teach anyone anything.  I was raised on a farm in Saskatchewan and did a fair amount of gopher shooting at that time.  My thoughts about guns changed when, working as a pharmacist, I was held up by someone brandishing a sawed off shotgun.  During my career I worked in the private sector, the public sector, served my professional associations provincially and nationally and finally worked in the not for profit sector at the Canadian Agency for Drugs in Technologies in Health (CADTH) in Ottawa, Ontario.  Mostly my CV looks as if I couldn’t keep a job.  

My most precious treasures are my husband and daughter, our families and friends.  I plan, in this my ‘next chapter’ to engage in life and its adventures as much as possible.  While I thought initially this blog would only be about eating my way through the dessert counter at Simply Biscotti, it has moved into the arena of life beyond full-time work.

I don’t own many artisan made sweaters.

















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