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A Woman Walks Into A Room-Health Information Part I

There are those time-tested and quite hilarious jokes about a man or a dog walking into a bar.  It’s a pretty bad segue but this blog thought started by a woman walking into a room.  It was a waiting room in a … Continue reading

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The Ups and Downs of Travel

It is a privilege, to travel for pleasure.  It’s not for everyone and not everyone can consider packing up and getting away for a while.  We travel from time to time and these are some observations about before, during and … Continue reading

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Poor Economics-Would Someone Please Read This Book

I read but don’t buy books generally speaking.  The Ottawa Public Library is my main go to place for books.  Thankfully there is no limit to the number of times you can borrow a book but after a while guilt … Continue reading

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A Short History of Progress

A Short History of Progress wass written by Ronald Wright in 2004.  The book comprises the 2004 Massey Lectures.  You can listen to the series on-line as well.    While the the book was published over a decade ago, the messages within … Continue reading

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The Dirt On Growing Sweet Potatoes

Community/allotment gardening year five: I have certainly thought about blogging about gardening during the past season but that’s as far as it got.  Thinking about it.  Don Marquis, an American poet and journalist said “procrastination is the art of keeping up with … Continue reading

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I’m Back!!! With A Halloween True Story

Back here at the family dog sitters, that is, me, Squidge the dog.  I have been asking if there’s been any blogging since I last visited and understand there’s been none, really.  It’s obvious that not only I am on this … Continue reading

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My Exit Blog (Author, Squidge the Dog)

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen my owners.  They say it was 17 days and I have no idea how long that is but while these temporary minders are kind enough, they aren’t my regular peeps.   I have … Continue reading

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