Do Resolutions Work?

In my previous job I had the privilege of working with the very talented “Doc Mike Evans” from Toronto.  He is a family physician whose caring telescopes from his patients to population health and back again.    

Using the best available evidence as a base, he gives health advice in understandable, bite size pieces.  It’s the straight goods packaged in a way that makes sense.  Mike uses social media to get the message out and he does it in such a great way.  I think his videos are unique and appealing.  You’ll find previous videos on exercise-23.5 hours and on smoking cessation on YouTube.  

His credits and titles take up a whole business card but when you hear him speak (and he does so on radio in Ontario fairly often),  you think how nice it would be to have him as your next door neighbour and your doctor. 

Here’s his latest-on New Year’s Resolutions.  What do you think of the format, the message?  Got any resolutions in mind for 2013?