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There Is A Truth About This Blog

One of my friends uses the phrase “there is a truth” to preface some of his remarks.  It’s an unusual phrase.  I imagine the idea is to add credibility to what comes next.  It’s never been clear to me if … Continue reading

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A Blog Topic Can Keep You Current-Even If You Aren’t Interested

Background: When you have a blog you can see some of the ways people find your site.  They may google a certain topic-for example, “scotch and chocolate” and since there’s a blog about that subject on my blog they may click … Continue reading

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Guess Who? Randy Bachman

The 15th Annual Ottawa International Writers Festival is about to get underway.  There have been a number of pre-festival events.  Last night I went to see Randy Bachman. It was lovely evening.  Lawrence Wall of CBC radio one introduced Randy … Continue reading

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