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Simply Biscotti…Without the Calories (no. 16)

It was trying to be a fairly nice day today.  Our spring is slow to start.  I waited for the showers to pass and took a bike ride to Simply Biscotti on Preston St.  Three years ago I began a project … Continue reading

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Simply Biscotti XV

We are living in the dead of winter in these parts.  While there are parts of Canada that get much colder than here, we end up defaulting to how cold it is here compared to the seasonal average as reported … Continue reading

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There Is A Truth About This Blog

One of my friends uses the phrase “there is a truth” to preface some of his remarks.  It’s an unusual phrase.  I imagine the idea is to add credibility to what comes next.  It’s never been clear to me if … Continue reading

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A Sunny Morning, A Heartwarming Visit and Simply Biscotti #14

We have had a member of our family visiting from the UK for the past while.  She is part of our family in every way except for that small matter of being part of the family tree.  A mere detail, … Continue reading

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Simply Biscotti- Installment13

It’s about time The summer seemed to stretch out so nicely but now as it draws to a close, it seems the season went by quickly.  I hadn’t been to Simply Biscotti for quite a while and since that’s the … Continue reading

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Simply Biscotti Eating, Enjoyment and Expansion #12

Best Laid Plans–Fears of Expansion I haven’t visited Simply Biscotti every week as I’d planned when I left full-time work just over a year ago.  It’s a matter of only so many hours in a day and so many other … Continue reading

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Simply Biscotti and Betty’s Tea Room (Part II)

What do Betty’s Tea Room in York, England and Simply Biscotti, the coffee/bakery bistro in Little Italy in Ottawa, Ontario in common? Since I visited both within the past three weeks, thought I’d do a bit of an account of each the two days-mostly done through … Continue reading

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