An Aversion to Oscar

Such hype there is every year when the Academy Awards Ceremony is shown on television.  There are tons of promotions about the movies and great speculation about who will win what.  My memory dims but I think I may have watched a complete Academy Awards Ceremony 30 years ago.  Maybe.  Some of the issue is I can’t stay awake that late but mostly I can’t stand watching the whole spectacle.  

I may sit still for the opening ceremonies but it doesn’t take long before I make myself scarce.  The whole thing drives me nuts.  The pre-show, the red carpet, the endless talking heads but mostly it’s the acceptance speeches.  It sounds like this to me:  I’d like to thank my chauffeur and the lawn maintenance person and the person who cleans the pool and the person who let me merge into traffic last Tuesday.  ARRRRGGGGHHH.  I can’t stand it.  I usually retreat to another room to read a book.

Anyone else feel this way?