Commitments (An Ode a Day-Day 2)


Commitments, openly stated, you then mean to keep

Without some forethought however, doubt starts to creep


Like this ode thing, I see now, is of certain code

Containing a strophe, an antistrophe and epode


Huh? Am thinking now I got in too deep

If someone would like to weigh in and tell me if the above is anything close to an ode, I’d appreciate it.

An Ode a Day (for not all that long) Day 1-Tony

There are very ambitious bloggers who decide to blog daily for a long time on a certain subject.  Examples are various photo blogs and the blog that beget the story underlying the Hollywood movie “Julie and Julia” or our Ottawa based An Elephant A Day blog.  

I do not possess the talent, tenacity or creativity to blog daily.  I think I have it in me, though, to pen an ode a day, until May Day.  May Day is May 1st and by then I will likely be weary of creating odes and many of you who are kind enough to look at this blog will likely want to issue a “may day” by then anyway.  The odes will have no particular theme.  In fact, if you’d like, send me a topic, a word or phrase and I’ll see if I can put it to ode.

Here’s the inaugural blog based on an item that is one of the leading news items today.  (smaller font is due to user ineptness and inability to figure out to change it)

There once was a man named Tony
And that name rhymes with baloney
It says on the news, he and Senator Pana
Put money in places that grow bananas
Some would buy tickets to watch this pony