A Dog’s Life

It was a busy day today.  Not so much for me as the humans here.

I might be only 10 lbs but I punch way above my weight.  The humans in this house are very surprised at how much of their attention I take every day.  This blasted winter weather adds to it all too.  Today there were calls to check about my new food and dog booties and then there’s the time it took to dress me when going outside.  Which made me wonder why I was born and live in central Canada and not in Florida.  I bet small dogs in Florida don’t have to stand still to put on a winter coat and four clumsy plastic boots to go outside.  Dogs in Florida don’t slip and slide on the ice with those booties making traction and balance near impossible to the point where I had to pee like a girl.  I just knew the three-legged stand wouldn’t do it.  Let me tell you I don’t stay outside one more minute than necessary.  It’s minus bloody 30 out there!!

Even now I am demanding attention.   The man in this house has some sort of male gathering upstairs this evening and I am stuck in the basement with her.  It’s all fine and well that they are drinking beer and scotch up there but it’s the food.   I can smell the meat they are eating!  AArrrgghhhh!  I am penned down here and longingly looking upstairs.  The only thing that helps is if I lay down on the sofa right next to her and get petted.  She is, therefore, one-handed blogging on my behalf.

My biggest accomplishment today was chewing the nose off my pet dragon.  The stuffing started coming out and then it got taken away.  The dragon supposedly had “Chew Guard Technology”.  Told you I punched above my weight.


The End Of The Dragon's Nose